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Tuesday, 09 April 2024

Legends of Precious Stones: Myths and Folklore from Around the World

Legends of Precious Stones: Myths and Folklore from Around the World

Gemstones, with their kaleidoscopic beauty and mysterious appeal, have fascinated mankind since the dawn of time. Every culture has told stories and legends around gemstones, attributing to them symbolic meanings and magical powers.

In ancient Egypt, lapis lazuli was considered the stone of truth and wisdom. It was believed to be associated with the goddess of truth, Maat, and to bring mental clarity and protection against evil forces.

In ancient Greece, pearls were considered the tears of the gods, a symbol of purity and love. Pearls were said to be generated by dew drops falling into the sea and Venus, the goddess of love, was said to have transformed them to adorn herself.

In India, diamond has been revered for centuries as the "stone of kings." According to legend, diamonds were the solidified tears of the gods that possessed powers of protection and good fortune.

The ruby, on the other hand, was revered in Burma as "the king of gemstones," it was attributed powers of protection and was believed to confer unparalleled strength and courage on the bearer.

In Celtic folklore, amber was associated with the sun and healing. Amber stones were said to be the tears of the Sun god, which fell to earth and were transformed into gems.

For the ancient Incas, emeralds were associated with the fertility and earth goddess, Pachamama, and they believed they guaranteed fertility and prosperity.

According to a Navajo legend, turquoise was a true piece of fallen heaven, a divine gift to humanity.

In Japan, opal was considered the "stone of dreams," capable of including within itself the power of ancestral spirits, able to connect the bearer to the spirit world.

Medieval Europe was also rich in legends related to gemstones. Aquamarine, for example, was considered the "sailor's stone" and was believed to protect sailors from the dangers of the sea.

These legends show us that gemstones are not only objects of beauty, but also bearers of ancient stories and legends that connect us to the past and inspire us with their eternal charm.

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